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psych_flashfic's Journal

The Psych Challenge Fics and Pics Community
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This is a bi-monthly challenge community for fanfic or fanart for the USA Network show Psych.
Yes, it is based on the ds_flashfiction and sga_flashfic communities. (But the mods there aren't to blame for this place.)

1) Challenges posted every other Wednesday and responses can be posted until the next challenge is up. Challenge suggestions are both welcome and wanted. They can be left here.

2) All genres welcome and labels/warnings encouraged.

3) Please put the challenge, title and author/artist's name in your subject line.

Optional Template:
Word Count:

4) Fics should be between 100 and 1,000 words, artwork can be any size.

5) Please put all spoilers, adult fics or pics, as well as large entries behind a cut tag.

How to make a cut tag: Copy, paste and remove spaces from the following: < lj-cut >

6) Play nice.

7) Beta requests are allowed and the maintainer papersoflight is available as a beta reader. The permanent beta request/offer post is here.

8) Off topic posts are allowed, but keep it to a minimum and please don't advertise non Psych related communities.

Questions not covered by the rules can be asked here.

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Community Maintainer: papersoflight