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Challenge# 5 Accident, Fruitoptica by Papersoflight

Author/Artist: Papersoflight
Title: Fruitoptica
Challenge:#5 Accident
Word Count: 450
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

"Only you, Shawn, would get a concussion from fruit," Gus mocked, once the ER doctor had assured them that all Shawn was likely to need was some ice and to avoid hanging around under coconut trees from now on.

"I'll have you know that between banana peel slippage, coconut concussions and general food-fight injuries, 30% of the population will experience a fruit related health problem in their lifetimes."

"Whatever, Shawn."

"Not to mention choking, allergies and all those watermelons that have grown inside nine year olds' stomachs because they swallowed the seeds."

Gus just ignored that one and helped Shawn off the gurney.

"Remember Stevie Carmichael? The summer between 3rd and 4th, they took a watermelon out of his belly the size of a tumor."

"Nice, Shawn."

"I thought so."


"Anytime now, Shawn," Gus whispered to his partner. They had been at the crime scene for ten minutes and Shawn had yet to have a "vision".

"Don't rush me," Shawn hissed back, "There isn't much here. I might have to say the head injury is a factor, that I'm blocked."


"Oh b-" Shawn began and passed out. Gus felt really guilty later when he found out that it wasn't a faked vision. Gus hadn't even tried to catch him.


The first thing Shawn said when he came to was, "Oh my god! Gus, I know what happened to the Ming vase." Actually, that's not true. The first thing Shawn said when he came to was, "Ow, damn! Did someone get the license plate of that coconut?" Then he remembered that he knew what had happened in the case.

"You solved the case?" Gus asked.

"No," Shawn answered, sounding surprised. "I just know what happened. It, it came to me . . . in a flash."

"Came to you in a flash? Are you alright?"

"I don't know." He grabbed at Gus's arm and pulled himself to his feet. "I think I really had a vision," Shawn explained.

"Oh boy."


Three days later, Shawn had another real vision predicting that Lassiter would break his foot in the line of duty. He probably should have warned him, but he wouldn't have believed Shawn anyway, so he didn't.

Five days after that, Shawn had a vision that caught a serial rapist and murderer.

And, week after that, Shawn had a vision of exactly what had happened on the grassy knoll (he kept his mouth shut on that one, too- no one, not even the conspiracy nuts would have believed it).

Finally, two days after that, Shawn was involved in a freak pudding accident (tapioca was involved) and woke in the ER with a concussion. Thankfully, every vision he had after that was fake-y fake faked.
Tags: 5- accident, fic
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