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1/18/09 01:42 am - yaycoffee - Same premise: Different Comm

Hi all. I got so excited about this community (and, consequently, so sad at it's abandoned state), that I decided to take the premise of it to a new comm.

Please, join me over at psychflashfic for the same kind of bi-monthly challenges that this community once enjoyed.


1/11/09 06:18 pm - yaycoffee - *Enters Tentatively*

Hi all. I have loved Psych since its first season, but I'm only now getting into online fandom. I've had a lot of fun the past couple of days searching through fic archives and whatnot. I was so excited to stumble across this community, but I've noticed that it's been pretty dead for over two years.

What would y'all say to starting it up again? Would any of you like to jump in and participate in this fic challenge again?

P.S. I've left a message for papersoflight, but I noticed that even her journal seems abandoned. I'm more than happy to help in any way I can, but I don't want to step on any toes. Any feedback from y'all would be greatly appreciated.

10/11/06 04:11 pm - papersoflight - MOD POST: Challenge #6 Anticipation

This post officially closes the Amnesty. The Challenge #6 (in honor of the hiatus) is :


Challenge is open until Wednesday, October 25th.

Fics submitted during the Amnesty can be found here.

Please check out the Rules before posting.

Remember- Both Fic and Artwork of any type are welcome for all challenges.

10/10/06 12:57 am - estelwolfe

The third and final entry. It's unbetaed, which makes me nervous, but my beta has been temporarily eaten (and I've still not quite managed to get her into fangirl mode over Psych), so... here goes nothing. *crosses fingers and hopes she hit the characters somewhat right*

Author: EstelWolfe
Title: Friends, in Sickness and in Health: Henry Spencer
Challenge: #3 Sickness
Word Count: 2067
Rating: PG-13 for language and violence
Warnings: None

Friends, in Sickness and in Health: Henry SpencerCollapse )

10/8/06 05:35 am - estelwolfe

Since I've been given the go-ahead by the lovely mods, here's Part II of my little ficlet. Part III will be up once Henry's a bit more cooperative and my beta is back within reach.

Author: EstelWolfe
Title: Friends, in Sickness and in Health: Burton Guster
Challenge: #3 Sickness
Word Count: 1569
Rating: Possibly PG-13 for blood
Warnings: None

Friends, in Sickness and in Health: Burton GusterCollapse )

10/6/06 11:57 pm - estelwolfe - Challenge #3: Friends, in Sickness and in Health

Is it allowed to post multiple responses to one challenge, or multiple parts of a fic? Because this thing started out small and then spawned into a three-part inter-related one-shot conglomeration. I'll just post part one for now, since each part can stand alone and I don't want to step on any toes.

Author: EstelWolfe
Title: Friends, in Sickness and in Health: Karen Vick
Challenge: #3 Sickness
Word Count: 1371
Rating: Possibly PG-13 for blood
Warnings: None

Friends, in Sickness and in Health: KarenCollapse )

10/6/06 11:14 am - estelwolfe - Challenge #4: Faded Ghost

First post, and first shot at writing Psych fan-fic. Con crit always appreciated.

Author: EstelWolfe
Title: Faded Ghost
Challenge: #4, Ghost (though a bit of an odd take on it)
Word Count: 1556
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Faded GhostCollapse )

9/27/06 09:47 pm - papersoflight - MOD POST: Amnesty

This post is to close Challenge #5 (and then quickly reopen it). The Accident Challenge is now closed to make way for two weeks of amnesty. For the next two weeks, all previous challenges are open so that you (yes you) can answer any of them you missed or might want to write another fic or make a piece of art for.

Previous Challenges can be found here.

Challenge is open until Wednesday, October 11th.

Please check out the Rules before posting.

Remember- Both Fic and Artwork of any type are welcome for all challenges.

The previous challenge has been archived in the Memories.

9/27/06 09:37 pm - papersoflight - Challenge# 5 Accident, Fruitoptica by Papersoflight

Author/Artist: Papersoflight
Title: Fruitoptica
Challenge:#5 Accident
Word Count: 450
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Read more...Collapse )

9/26/06 05:13 pm - shotaphile - Challenge #5 - Saguna-brahman

I just saw this challenge and went OMG FUNZ!! and set right to work. Five pages later and I'm finally done, and I really do think I died last night finishing it. Sooooooooo sorry for the length, I really am.

Title: Saguna-brahman 

Pairings: Nothing stated outright, but that's just how I normally right my stuff. However, one may draw inferences to both Gus/Shawn and Lassiter/Shawn, and maybe even Nurse/Shawn if that sort of thing floats your boat. I find that subtle relationships are more fun to write than blatant ones, really. 

Word Count: 2853 (okay, so I know they asked for 100-1000 words, but I just couldn't stop writing!) 

Rating: Pg-13 

Summary: Shawn gets these awful headaches just behind his left temple that make his eye start up with that tick again and distract him when he tries to review the evidence. He thinks it might be the lighting of the office, which has never bothered him before, but he can't explain it otherwise, and doesn't bother trying. 

Spoilers: For the pilot (obviously) and up to at least the second episode, because that's when Juliet shows up, and that's when Shawn ends up in the hospital besides. So I guess as long as you've seen the first two episodes you're okay. Just remember folks, Shawn is not really a psychic. 

Warnings: A grand whopping total of two curse words (if even that) and a bit of Shawn-whumping all around. Slash if you'd like, some mother-henning from the guys and a weird sort of abstract, present tense style that makes for really fun sentences, but very little information. Also, I couldn't resist from giving this thing a plot, even if I'm the only one who really knows what said plot is. 

Disclaimer: Don't own Psych, wish I did, then I could make them show more episodes NOW. Christ, this show has some of the best dialogue I have ever seen. ...heard. Whatever. 

Notes: Of course, this isn't due until tomorrow, but I figure early is better than late any day. Right? 

(Shawn was one of those kids who stuck a penny in the light socket, and his father let him learn the hard way. Only, Shawn never really did learn.)
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